Landing on the roof of the Galeries Lafayette

The next time that you're admiring the views of Paris from the terrace of the Galeries Lafayette, take a minute to look around and imagine landing a plane there.  That's exactly what the pilot, Jules Vedrines, did on the auspicious date of January 19, 1919.   According to the commemorative marker shown below, it was the first time that a plane landed on the roof of a building in a large city.

What else can you do on the terrace?  Well, judging by the people in the first photo, you can share a special Parisian moment with your significant other, take a photo of the stunning cityscape, or completely ignore the view of the Eiffel Tower like the family who appear to be studying a guidebook and wondering what they should see next!  You can also have something to eat and drink at the rooftop cafe or get a cup of coffee from the coffee cart. And if you would have been here during the French Open in June, you could have played tennis on the terrace with a pro.

The terrace is located on the 8th floor of Galeries Lafayette.  The cafe is open Monday to Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. until the end of September.

Galeries Lafayette
40 Blvd. Hausmann


  1. The grass is new, yes. I've never seen it, or just don't recall it. I've had coffee at the cafe on top, and some wonderful photos with the letters of the store name as the backdrop--they make a great image.

  2. Yes, the artificial grass is new - even for me because it wasn't there in June. At least I don't think that it was. Maybe they put it there during the summer months so that people can relax on the ground in relative comfort. Some people were taking naps, some were reading, and some were enjoying the view. I'm going to have to check if the store name is still visible from the terrace. I didn't notice it while I was up there, although that doesn't mean much because I'm usually too busy admiring the view.

  3. Looking out onto the roof of Galeries Lafayette is another way to appreciate Paris. And it's the perfect place to meet people and relax while reading a book.