Lost in translation - extinction de voix, opera and Angelina's hot chocolate

I lost my voice this week - at least that's what I would say in English. According to the French pharmacist and the description on the box of homeopathic tablets that he suggested I take, my voice isn't lost -- it's extinct, like the dinosaurs, which is rather more worrisome. The product description also indicates that the tablets may be taken for vocal cords that are fatigued.

While I don't think that my problem stems from overly tired vocal cords, the opera singers that I saw at the lunchtime concert on Thursday certainly gave theirs an intense workout while singing Jewish Folk Poetry, Op 79 by Dimitri Chostakovitch. Listening to the heart wrenching "Lament for a Dead Infant" and "Before a Long Separation" was an emotional experience made even more intense by the intimate setting in the studio at the Opera Bastille. At 5€, the hour long performances are a real treat. Please click here, to read more about these concerts.

Even though the pharmacist didn't prescribe Angelina's hot chocolate, it seemed like a good idea to drink some after fighting the crowds at the Hermé's sale on Thursday afternoon. Fortunately, Angelina's at the Palais de Congrès didn't have a long line of people waiting to get inside like the one on Rue de Rivoli. But wait a minute, isn't there something missing?

Ahhh, yes - a big dollop of whipped cream! 

And speaking of chocolate, I'll be in Switzerland until Tuesday, so the next posts may feature something from the land of cheese and chocolate, or I may catch up on the backlog of posts that I still have to write about Paris. Time to go catch the TGV. Fortunately, I remembered to download a movie on my laptop this time, so I'll be traveling in style!


  1. Mary Kay, not extinct but extinguished like a candle!

    1. Ha! - I like extinguished much better than extinct, especially when we're talking about my voice. It's possible to light a candle again but dinosaurs are long gone... I'll go with your translation. :)

  2. What does the Braille say? I love that the packaging is blind-friendly.

    And that hot chocolate--delicious looking.

    I too am to get out of town today, but the snow storm has delayed the airport departures. So coffee at home this morning and I'm not complaining. Happy travels in the land of cow bells and clean streets.

    1. As I've recently seen several blind people navigating the metro on their own, including a man this morning who was having quite a bit of difficulty, I also like that there is Braille on the package. I guess that it says "Homeovox".

      For lots of people, Angelina's is the ultimate hot chocolate in Paris. I'm withholding judgement until I try a couple of other places. At the moment, my top contender is the aphrodisiac hot chocolate at Jean-Paul Hevin because it has just the right amount of ginger in it

      I hope that the weather clears for your flight to Mexico. I look forward to vicariously enjoying your trip via your blog!

  3. Can't wait to see your photos from Switzerland.

    May be a good idea to hold off on the yodeling for a while, though!

    Feel better.

    Your Friends in Boston

    1. I don't know - it's going to be pretty hard to restrain myself from yodeling when I cross the border! The TGV passed through some snow in Bellegarde and the mountains around Geneva appear to be white. I can't really see them though because of the clouds. As soon as the weather clears, I'll take some photos.

      Guess what we're having for dinner tonight?! Papet Vaudois! It smells so good.

  4. Aww, feel better with your extinct voice and enjoy Switzerland!!!!!

    ..and I hope you're doing a post on the Hermes sale! #nopressure :)

  5. Thanks! My extinct voice is finally coming back much to Stephane's disappointment. He was kind of happy that it sounded as if Demi Moore had taken over my vocal cords. Married all these years and I never had a clue that he has a thing for husky voices! ;)

    Nope - no Hermes sale post. I wrote one after I went to the sale last June. Suffice it to say that there were long lines, some grabbing of scarves and quite a few happy shoppers, including me. It's fun just seeing all the different items that they make - where else can you try on a blue crocodile jacket that originally cost ~64,000 Euros?

  6. Glad to hear your voice is no longer extinct. Poor Stephane, he'll get over it!
    That hot chocolate and cream - yum. It's milk only in Creuse :-(
    Have a wonderful time in Switzerland. Oh to be travelling again ... Actually, can't really complain, about to embark on programme of JPOs at various facs with Caiti.


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