Le Jules Verne Restaurant on the second level of the Eiffel Tower: well worth it for a once in a lifetime experience

If you're going to be in Paris in April and have some Euros to spare, go online and book a table next to the window at Le Jules Verne restaurant on the second level of the Eiffel Tower. Why April? Because it's recommended to make reservations at least three months in advance if you want a table with one of the best views of the city. As our family rarely knows what we're doing two weeks ahead of time, we dined at one of the interior tables and still enjoyed the spectacular view.

The entire process was memorable from start to finish. After deciding to take our children for the 85€ weekday lunch as opposed to the 200€ dinner, Stephane reserved online and clicked on the option to send an e-vite to Sara and Philippe. It didn't take long for our two starving students to gladly accept our invitation.

Walking past the long lines of people shivering in the cold while waiting to visit the Eiffel Tower, we made our way to the private entrance located at the South pillar and tracked the progress of the elevator by watching the red dot on the screen as it carried enthusiastic patrons 125 meters (410 feet) to the restaurant.

On our way to the dining room, we took a quick peek at the staff hard at work in the kitchen of this one-star Michelin restaurant, where Alain Ducasse and Chef Pascal Féraud have created a modern French menu.

These ultra-slim knives and forks immediately caught Philippe's attention. They were removed prior to our first course.

With an eye for design, Philippe appreciated the restaurant's contemporary decor with a honeycomb pattern on the ceiling, walls and plates, the carbon fiber and leather chairs designed by Patrick Jouen and the fabric covered walls with small interior windows strategically placed to emphasize the imposing gears and iron framework of the Eiffel Tower.

The honeycomb design on the bottom of the Limoges plates.
Dining on one of the most iconic structures in the world turned out to be a culinary delight. As always, click on any of the photos shown below if you would like to have a closer look at the 1) pumpkin soup amuse-bouche, 2) moulded farm-made egg, gold caviar and crayfish reduction, 3) Grand-Veneur style venison, winter vegetables, 4) Savarin with armagnac according to your choice, Chantilly. 5) Assortment of pastries.  [English descriptions taken directly from the menu].

Without a doubt, our lunch at le Jules Verne will feature in familial conversations for years to come. Walking with our arms around each other and glancing over our shoulders for a parting view of the Eiffel Tower, we all agreed that it's an experience that everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. We're thankful that we shared it together.

Eiffel Tower
75007 Paris


  1. The Learn More French widget on this page is: Nous avons des carfards dans la cuisine.

  2. Such a great experience for you all. I'm very happy for you, and to leave arms around each other--was that to steady you from the imbibing? Kidding, I know it was from the camaraderie and love.

    Removing the ultra slim knife and fork--glad you got a picture before it was taken away. My rule is nothing goes on the table that is not going to be used. The use in this case seems to be that of setting the tone and emphasizing the modernity of the setting, maybe. Anyway, they would be very difficult to use, I'd say. Also, I think, maybe the amuse bouche, being a soup wouldn't require them, but maybe another one would.

    "Gold caviar" seems to be a label of quality rather than color. Osetra maybe? And what is the white "vehicle" for the egg?

    The venison looks yummy, and the vegetables are perfectly shaped, nice torpedos of carrots and rutabaga (?).

    The Savarin comes with different toppings, yes? You chose Chantilly? Was there a chocolate option for example, or apricot maybe?

    And honestly, just take me to the dessert course and leave me there. So yummy looking. I may have to visit my belgian bakery today to sate my sweet tooth.

    Oh, and I've not seen that plate before, with the honeycomb design on the bottom. Nymphemburg, my favorite porcelain company, makes a design called Hidden Wealth and the design is on the bottom of the plate as well--all hand painted, lots of gold, but you don't see it while eating if at all.

    Thanks for sharing this, I loved it.

  3. Brilliant - what a wonderful family occasion.

    We hope to get there one day for something similar! Cheers.

  4. It seems I'm forced to live my life vicariously through you. That shot of Trocadero and La Defense is particularly brilliant. Nice work.

    I'm hungry.
    -Mark Craft

  5. Lunch is definitely the way to go in terms of value plus the views! So glad you got to experience that. Now put L'Astrance on your list for your next special occasion.

  6. So glad you enjoyed this, Mary Kay.

    Didn't want to jinx it by letting you know of my bias ahead of time, but the Jules Verne is my all time favorite restaurant.

    The combination of the location, service, food and sense of "special occasion" just can't be beat.

    So glad you enjoyed it!

    Your friends in Boston

  7. Well done to you for treating yourselves (and letting us have a vicarious trip as well)! Also well done to you on your blog, you are so prolific and entertaining. Thanks for sharing. All the best for 2012!
    We were able to have a wonderful meal down on the ground with an awesome view of the tower at Les Ombres. Maybe you should do a compare and contrast post - On the tower or looking at the tower? Discuss. 

  8. What a fabulous meal, and those views! An incredible experience. If Caiti ends up at Paris then we'll have to treat ourselves to dinner there. I hope there'll be macarons the day we go - I LOVE macarons!

  9. Joseph, What a day for that French phrase to appear! I love it when the "word of the day" somehow matches the post. It's completely coincidental.

    I'm really going to have to take better notes in preparation for your questions about food because the only one that I can answer is about the Savarin. The option wasn't about the topping but rather the age of the armagnac and the quantity.

    Unfortunately, we didn't eat very many of the little pastries because we were too full. They also gave us two bags of Madeleines to take with us when we picked up our coats, which was a nice parting touch.

    And, no, we weren't propping each other up when we left the restaurant because we decided against the 120€ lunch with wine pairing. ;) We had a lot of fun with the sommelier though because we switched seats a couple of times to take family photos and he wasn't sure if we were moving our wine glasses around on him - oddly enough, my red wine looked remarkably liked the kir that Stephane and Philippe had as an aperitif.

    Carolyn, It's definitely well worth it for a special occasion!

    Mark, You'll have to let me know if there is any place in particular that you would like for me to try on your behalf. :)

    Anne, If memory serves me correctly, I first learned about the Jules Verne from one of your blog posts. I believe that you mentioned having lunch there with your husband. Astrance is definitely on my list and you'll be in my thoughts when I get there.

    Dear friends, It's good to know that the Jules Verne is your favorite - perhaps we can go there when you're next in town! I would love to have another special reason to return.

    Jennifer, Happy New Year! It's so good to "see" you again.

    I wonder if you were looking at the ET from Les Ombres at the same time that we were gazing at the Quai Branly! We tried to go to Les Ombres for lunch a couple of months ago but didn't have a reservation so we ended up at the cafe downstairs.

    Good luck with your writing in 2012!

    Steph, If Caiti decides to go to uni in Paris, the Jules Verne would be a great place to celebrate (hint, hint!).


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