Fine dining with a discount - Le First, restaurant boudoir Paris (The Westin Paris - Vendôme)

Dieppe scallops with diced pumpkin/Chinese artichoke and garlic cream with beetroot

It has been almost three years since Stéphane and I moved to Paris. Time enough, you would think, to visit all of the "must try" restaurants, bistros and wine bars on my list. But with a city full of tantalizing dining options, it's sometimes hard to keep moving forward rather than returning to tried and true favorites. Our recent lunch at Le First, restaurant boudoir Paris is going to make it even more difficult, especially since this fine dining establishment is currently offering a discount when booked with La Fourchette

Lunch at Le First, restaurant boudoir Paris (The Westin Paris - Vendôme)

Le First's plush velvet banquettes, dim lighting and romantic atmosphere offer a welcome retreat from the bustling crowds on the Rue de Rivoli. Seated next to one of the windows with a view of the Tuileries Garden, Stéphane and I perused the inventive menu created by Chef Gilles Grasteau before settling on a Brittany-style pot-au-feu made with fish rather than meat and Dieppe scallops served atop a colorful combination of diced pumpkin/Chinese artichoke and garlic cream with beetroot. My scallops were so delicious that it was one of the first times that I've refused to swap plates with Stéphane. If his half-hearted offer was any indication, he wasn't interested in exchanging dishes either. Before moving on to dessert, we had already decided to return to Le First. Stéphane's apple tart tatin served with lime shortbread and my floating island atop caramelized pineapple sealed the deal.

When booked with La Fourchette, there is a 50% discount for lunch (starter/main or main/dessert) on Monday and Tuesday; 40% discount for lunch (starter/main or main/dessert) from Wednesday to Saturday and for dinner (starter/main or main/dessert) Sunday to Tuesday; and 30% discount for dinner (starter/main or main/dessert) Wednesday to Saturday. Ssshhhh - it's one of the best dining deals in town!   

234 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

Insider's tip: Be sure to check out the empty beehive at the entrance to the restaurant. A couple of years ago, the Westin installed six beehives on its roof. With the Tuileries Garden and all of its trees and flowers a short flight away, the bees keep Chef Gilles Grasteau supplied with honey for his culinary creations. There's even a special €60 "Variation on Honey" menu.

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Floating island atop caramelized pineapple in an English custard with Tahitian vanilla


  1. I love the dinner service ware--lovely blue color. And that floating island is amazing--love the gold on top.

    Curious name though, any insight?



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