Sunday's Picture and a Song: J'ai Demandé à la Lune

Today's song and photo are in honor of the "supermoon", also known as a perigee moon, that will peak this evening. It will be as much as 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than other full moons of 2013.

One of the biggest celestial events of the year, the phenomenon is caused by the slightly asymmetrical orbit of the moon around the Earth. At its closest approach, the moon is 225,622 miles from Earth. At its farthest, the moon is 252,088 miles away. A supermoon is a full moon that happens within 12 hours of the lunar perigree, or the point in the lunar orbit that brings the moon closest to Earth.

J'ai Demandé à la Lune is a haunting song that will be the perfect accompaniment to tonight's supermoon. Enjoy!


  1. I even got up at 06:30 this morning to see the Supermoon - however, it was so cloudy that I had no chance to see it!!!! Maybe next year! By the way, I love this header photo!!! You do take the best pictures - always enjoyable to see what you post!

  2. I missed the moon, but I did have a great dinner party--maybe it was all lunar inspired.

  3. Awesome photo, MK..... so happy that you were able to get this fantastic capture!

  4. Amazing moon and lovely song!
    We had a full moon in Paris and it was pretty awesome to see the Eiffel lit by it behind. Magical.

  5. The perigree moon was indeed stunning this past week. Great shots!




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