Turn Paris Pink with "Dailey Donate Week" and Tommy Hilfiger

"Turn Paris Pink"! Kelly Dailey at the barre wearing a pair of pink exercise socks. All proceeds from the sale of the socks go to Breast Health International's "Fund for Living".

As I headed towards the elevator after "Words and Wine", Sylvia's recently launched literary salon, last Monday night, Sylvia called from her apartment, "See you at the barre tomorrow!" Performing a quick knee bend that I hoped made me look more like a graceful ballet dancer doing a plié than an awkward middle-aged woman wobbling on her high heels, I told Sylvia that I was looking forward it.

The "barre" to which Sylvia was referring is located in a chic exercise studio with a smooth wooden floor and exposed brick walls tucked into a quiet courtyard in the 16th arrondissement. Taking our places on bright orange mats, Sylvia and I followed instructor Kelly Dailey's movements as she demonstrated The Dailey Method, San Francisco's original barre class that combines ballet barre work, core conditioning, stretching and orthopedic exercises. The controlled movements, as we quickly learned, are very focused and effective. Under Kelly's careful guidance, I stretched my long-neglected muscles until I felt them become supple and relaxed. An hour later, just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Kelly told us to rest in child's pose while the instructors gave everyone a gentle back rub. The entire experience left me feeling transformed and wanting to return for another session.

Kelly Dailey of The Dailey Method Paris with the 2013 Tommy Hilfiger handbag.

Now it's your turn to improve the alignment of your body and tone your muscles with The Dailey Method Paris during "Dailey Donate Week"!

In an effort to "Turn Paris Pink", The Daily Method has partnered with Tommy Hilfiger and are offering a week of classes to promote breast health awareness. From October 14-18, classes are donation based and 100% of all donations will go to Breast Health International's (BHI) "Fund for Living". "Dailey Donate Week" is a wonderful way to work off all those macarons, make a donation to support French women who are fighting breast cancer and try a class with Kelly or one of the other dynamic instructors.

In its continued support of Breast Health International, Tommy Hilfiger has reunited with supermodels Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Cambell to launch a new limited-edition handbag made of Italian pebbled leather. The 2013 handbag is a midsize satchel-tote cross with a midnight blue core and cherry red side panels. These handbags are available for 299 euros at The Dailey Method Paris studio during Dailey "Donate Week". A percentage of each sale will go directly to BHI's Fund for Living.

Reserve your spot in a donation class now. Space is limited! Dailey Donate Week classes October 14-18, 2013 -- Monday: 12:30 & 20h30; Tuesday 11:00 & 19h00; Wednesday: 12:30 & 19h30;
Thursday: 12:30, 14h00 & 19h00; Friday: 12:30 & 18h30. reserv@thedaileymethod.fr or sign up online: www.thedaileymethod.fr.

Dailey Studio
71 avenue Victor Hugo (second courtyard, downstairs ramp on the right)
75116 Paris

Turn Paris Pink! Click here to see a photo of the Conciergerie illuminated pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

"Turn Paris Pink"! Kelly Dailey wearing a pair of pink exercise socks. All proceeds from the sale of the socks go to Breast Health International's "Fund for Living".


  1. Hmmmm.... First the choux, then the gym. Love your logic!!!

    1. Normally my "logic" is choux, choux, choux, choux, gym and more choux!

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