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Choux à la crème at La Maison du Chou

Whether it's an unexpected glimpse of the Eiffel Tower as you round a corner or a chance encounter with a beloved friend in a bistro on the Île Saint-Louis, the best things in life are often unplanned and completely spontaneous. In Paris, I know exactly where to go for the most delicate macarons and the richest hot chocolate. What I didn't know, at least not until yesterday afternoon, was where to find the lightest choux à la crème.

If you would like to serendipitously discover these delightful cream puffs freshly filled with a mousse-like mixture of sugar and fromage blanc, stroll down Rue Bonaparte past the famous Deux Magots Café in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood of Paris. In your best flâneur style, casually turn right on Rue de l'Abbaye and left when you see the quaint Place de Fürstenberg. As you admire the four Paulownia trees planted in the middle of the charming square, once the residence of French painter Eugène Delacroix, exclaim when you spot a recently opened shop on your right. Wander over and peer through the sparkling clean windows as the friendly shop assistant pumps succulent puffs full of cream right before your eyes. It's a tantalizing sight. Hope that your husband (or significant other) notices that one of the three wooden tables is empty and readily agree when he asks if you would like to sample a puff with a cup of coffee.

Once you're settled inside, agree that it's more sensible to order three choux à la crème for 5 euros than two single ones at 1.80 euros a piece. And, finally, make an effort not to eat more than your fair share of the classic nature, coffee and chocolate cream puffs placed in front of you. I guarantee that the last step will be the most difficult! If you decide that you would like to take some of these cream-filled delicacies  home with you, the shop assistant will wait to fill them until right before you leave to maintain the crusty texture of the pastry. Six choux are 10 euros and twelve choux are 18 euros.

La Maison du Chou
7 rue de Fürstenberg 
Paris 75006
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm 09 54 75 06 05 

La Maison du Chou


  1. I love their typeface. And I'm sure I'd love their products. I wonder though how such a small business stays in business, but somehow they seem to do so. Good luck, bonne chance to them. And to you--for having the wherewithal to visit only on special occasions.


  2. Another cute post from MK.

    So did you take 6 or 10 home with you?

  3. Oh wow, we were in the Dome Church yesterday, if only I'd known about this then! (Now, sadly, back home in England!)


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