Sunday's video: The Seafood Market in Trouville, Normandy

During the reign of Napoleon III, it was said that boulevardiers (men about town) housed their wives in Deauville and stashed their mistresses across the river in Trouville-sur-Mer. I must be a mistress at heart because I prefer the narrow streets and working class charm of Trouville to the upscale stores and glamour of Deauville. One of my favorite places is the vibrant seafood market, where Parisians in town for the weekend engage in friendly chatter with locals while slurping oysters and sipping champagne for breakfast.

Feeling rather tired after the excitement of riding in the 47th annual Paris-Deauville Rally on Friday, I missed breakfast on Saturday morning but arrived in time for a lunch of paella piled high with seafood and some of the freshest shrimp I've ever tasted.

Here's a short video of the market:

Lots has happened since I left Boston on Tuesday evening. Here are the links for some photo albums posted on Facebook. Please note that it's not necessary to have a Facebook account to view the pictures:

Fashionistas leaving the Nina Ricci show on Thursday afternoon
French Republican Horse Guards at Place Vendôme
Elie Saab exhibition at the George V
Paris-Deauville Rally 2013 at Place Vendôme


  1. Thanks for posting the great photos and video! It looks really nice there. I hope to move to Europe someday, maybe France. We'll see where life takes me. Maybe I'll be sitting in that market slurping oysters and drinking champagne for breakfast!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, Marina. I hope that life takes you to one of the fish markets in France (or elsewhere in Europe) in the near future!

  2. Yes I preferred the reality of Trouville to the perfection of Deauville. I almost expected the Stepford wives to come walking down the street.

    We had some nice seafood meals adjacent to the fish market l.

    Happy days!
    Love Denise.

    1. Deauville is a bit too perfect, isn't it? Whenever we're there, I always whisper in Stéphane's ear that the town reminds me of Disneyland. What do you suppose is behind those facades? Trouville, on the other hand, is nitty and gritty but picturesque. I like going to the beach in Deauville to see the colorful umbrellas and walk along the boardwalk.


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