Sunday's Picture and a Song: "Coucher du Soleil" by Yves Duteil

Sunset and a splash. Mykonos, Greece.

Like the setting sun, my vacation has come to an end.

Like the rising sun, I feel rejuvenated.

After being disconnected from social media for an unprecedented amount of time, I have lots of ideas for upcoming posts. I'll be back tomorrow with one about Dijon, Mykonos, cruising or Israel.

Please click here if you would like to see additional photos of the rising and setting sun that I posted on Facebook.

Sunrise. Istanbul, Turkey.


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    1. Thanks! I took the picture of the splash at a cafe in the Little Venice part of Mykonos. It's a wonderful spot to watch the sunset.

  2. Welcome back, dear Mary Kay! Hope your holidays were wonderful and relaxing. There is just a nip in the air, autumn is coming.

    1. Thank you for the warm welcome back! Even though I'm happy to be home, it's tinged with a bit of sadness that our vacation is over. I hope that you had a good summer and feel recharged for the next season! There's a nip in the air, too. After a hot summer, it feels good.


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