"My Little Coquine Box" - take a look at what's inside!

Please Note: Today's post about my visit to the police museum has been preempted by the arrival of "My Little Coquine Box".

I don't remember exactly what I was doing when the doorbell rang with an insistent buzz yesterday morning. I only remember being slightly annoyed because our landlord still hasn't fixed the interphone. After screaming "hello" into the useless apparatus a couple of times, I grabbed my keys and ran shoeless out of the apartment hoping that the person ringing the bell would be patient enough to wait until I made it down five flights of steps. As I was picking up momentum and rounding the bend on the second floor, I ran smack dab into our gardienne. Handing me two packages, she scolded me (again) for not withholding our rent payment until the owner fixes our interphone, the one that has been broken for the past year. Rubbing her index finger and thumb together, she said that our landlord, the one who lives in a massive castle in Dijon, is a cheapskate and won't do anything about the problem until we stop paying.

Riding the elevator upstairs, I noticed there was a package from Amazon addressed to Stéphane (more French DVDs, I speculated) and another one with my name on it. Hmmm. I wasn't expecting anything. And then I noticed the sender's name: "My Little Paris". Unable to wait until I was inside the apartment to rip off the corrugated strip of cardboard and open the box, I spied a red sticker with the words:

Every woman needs a man that will ruin their lipstick and not their mascara.

Of course. It's February, the month for romance, roses and a little bit of naughty. Here's what was inside "My Little Coquine Box"!

  • Luscious Strawberry Body Butter from the Body Shop
  • Honey body scrub from My Little Beauty
  • My Little World, a miniature magazine with a playlist for making love, fashion tips from Stockholm and a Valentine's Day dessert recipe
  • A pair of lacy black panties in a little pink bag with "petite culotte pour découcher" (panties to spend the night away from home)
  • An excerpt from Histoire d'O, an erotic novel that I don't think my French language skills are advanced enough to read
  • And something that I'm going to have lots of fun with - labels to iron on the collars of your mec's (guy's) shirts.

Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to iron "Man of My Life", "You take off the top, I'll take off the bottom", "This Man Belongs to Mary Kay", "Thanks for the Night" and "Don't Touch" on Stéphane's shirts before he left for Italy at 5:00 this morning. But they'll be there when he travels to Turkey next week. I can't wait to hear his reaction!

At the moment, My Little Box only delivers to France and Belgium. If you live in another country and want a "My Little Coquine Box" for Valentine's Day, you'll have to create your own. I wish you lots of inspiration!

Instructions: 1. Catch a man, then his shirt (cotton)...
A kiss is a delicacy that isn't fattening. - Marilyn Monroe


  1. Looks like my kid of box!!! Oh la la!

    Sending you hugs, MK!

  2. I thought this was a post by Ella when I clicked on the link - but there's a new coquine in town! Oh là la!

    1. And I posted simultaneously with the coquine in question too!

  3. How wonderful,this is such a great concept. Enjoy with your 'mec'!

  4. I wish we could get My Little Boxes in the US. I love the little clothing tags in this box.

  5. That is definitely my kind of box! Love that you shared the pics - I'm going to order one as a treat! MyLittleParis is just wonderful.



  6. Such a funny story :-) And it`s really a wonderful idea with the box! I`m sad they can not be send to Germany :-(
    Many greets to lovely Paris - Anna


  7. I love the iron-on labels! So clever. And you should be going to Turkey with him, such an amazing country, so interesting. Maybe you've been before.

  8. I also wish I could get r one of these. Every so often. (sigh!). This time of year is so miserable!
    Not really the same when you do it yourself

    Love Deniae

  9. Imagine the expressions of laundry workers when they read the tags! They would a great gift!


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