The perfect gift for someone who is addicted to social media!

View from Le Jules Verne Restaurant on the second level of the Eiffel Tower.

It's not always easy being the mother of adult-aged children, especially when they start discussing my foibles like I'm not even in the same room as them. I mean seriously, don't they know that my hearing is still intact?!

Sara (sighing): Mom keeps tweeting.
Philippe (in an exasperated voice): I already told her that she had to stop tweeting at the table a long time ago.
Sara: Well, she hasn't tweeted at the table...yet...but she has been tweeting on the metro...and the bus. And she even tweeted in the D'Orsay Museum even though I told her not to.
Me: (attempting to get a word in edge-wise) I was checking me email not tweeting.
Philippe: (completely ignoring my explanation) She would have never let us tweet at the table when we were young.
Sara: I know! She didn't even let us answer our text messages while we were having dinner, so I don't understand why she's tweeting all the time now.

Knowing that they were right (kind of) and that there was no way that I would be able to sneak in some covert tweets while under their close scrutiny, I disconnected from Twitter during the holidays.

I didn't tweet about the magnificent view of the Place de la Concorde from the Jules Verne Restaurant on the Eiffel Tower...

the delicious venison...

the crowds at Versailles when we mistakenly went on a Sunday instead of during the week...

the disco lights sparkling off the ice skating rink in the Grand Palais...

or standing in the pouring rain waiting to welcome in the New Year on the Champs-Élysées.

Instead, I simply enjoyed being with everyone.

Realizing that I had made a big effort to change my errant ways and wanting to reinforce my good behavior, Sara surprised me with a pair of texting gloves for Christmas. They're really great because now I'll be able to tweet, write messages and check my Facebook account without getting my fingers cold...but only when I'm on my own. I promise!

My new texting, or touch screen phone smart, gloves.


  1. I got a pair of those from my mom for christmas too! she has a pair already and has tested them out (and loves them!) I have yet to try them... luckily it hasn't even been cold enough yet in Paris to need to!

  2. The plates at JV are so embossed? I was discussing with a friend the other night how much meat we all eat, and how meals are centered around meat. We all need to eat more vegetables. Your photo seems to suggest the same: we eat too much meat, even in France.

    And you weren't tweeting so much in September when I was there, nor did you seem to be taking a lot of photos, maybe it's the company you keep either inspiring such activities, or not. Consider as you will.

    The gloves are leather and work on touchscreens? I didn't know.

  3. Haha, although I haven't gotten into tweeting, I AM addicted to facebook after resisting for many years. My family would say the same things as yours! Love those gloves. (And I'm glad you didn't stop posting on fb during the holidays!)

  4. Those look neat! I have the low-tech solution - fingerless gloves! I feel like a burglar wearng them though (plus cold fingertips!)

  5. Oh dear, that is probably what everyone is saying about me too. I am going to make a concentrated effort NOT to put the iphone on the table any more. That way, I'll at least have to get it out my bag to use it.

    The gloves are very useful except if you get super-cold hands like mine and need rabbit-lined leather.

    I'm back in Paris BTW. Carolyn Barnabo's in town as well but I don't know how long.

  6. It is a perfect present,can't even imagine taking your gloves off to tex in the Parisian cold!

    Of all this social media craze I don't get's like an endless self-promoting string of ads!!

  7. Great gift long as the Tweeter or texter doesn't live in Florida!

  8. Hi Mary Kay, I've been reading your blog for a while and I don't think I've commented yet, but I couldn't resist with this post because your children's conversation really made me smile. I want a pair of those texting gloves too - do they work?

  9. Love the shot of the umbrellas Mary Kay. Have you thought of putting a book together of your favourite shots?

  10. Oh, I love those gloves too!


  11. Jules Verne would have loved today's technology, but, hum, would he have tweeted? Probably - gloves and all.

    Your ferris wheel photo is superb. Ahhh, beautiful Paris. And thanks for the Grand Palais ice skating tip. See you there next winter.


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