Sunday's Picture and a Song: Je ne veux pas travailler

Je ne veux pas travailler.

If you're not in the mood to work today, please take a couple of minutes to enjoy this "Sweet French Cliché" by Pink Martini.


  1. What? No explanation to the photo? I'm most curious. NYE party? Masked Ball? Are you living a double life?

    And curious cocktails--they seem to be the same but are in different glasses.

    Funny, she smokes a lot in the video, I guess that's why she doesn't need lunch. Even in the bathtub, now that's funny.

    1. No double life, although I wish that I would have taken a photo of my mask. It looks like a butterfly! Anyway, the mask on the bar was part of the decorations for the one year anniversary of the Seven Hotel and the drink was a special concoction that they created for the evening. Very citrusy and light. The cocktails on the bar are the same - just different glasses.

      And speaking of cocktails, I've been meaning to ask if you've ever tried a drink called "The Last Word". Sara told me about it and I thought of you when she said that one of the ingredients is Green Chartreuse.

      Regarding the excessive smoking, there were some comments on YouTube that said it's because smoking is one of the French cliches.

    2. YES! I've had The Last Word at Sable, here in Chicago. Now I have to go back and have one again, to relive the experience. Isn't that funny.

  2. Once I translated the song title (with some help), the video made even more sense. (Just a French beginner, but my son speaks it.) I was wondering about the excessive smoking too, but it certainly fits with the French cliches.

  3. Pink Martini is often played at my house...and doesn't everyone on Paris sail through the days like this?

  4. Wish I could look like that when I just got out of bed! ....sigh!

    Love Denise


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