Sunday's Picture and a Song: 50 Shades of Grey

Nope, this isn't the day that I change the tone of this blog. I'm talking about the 50 shades of grey lurking over Paris and not 50 Shades of Grey, the erotic novel!

Just in case you were expecting something about the latter, here's 50 Shades of Grey - the Musical:

I hope that you're Sunday is SUN-ny, at least in spirit if not reality.


  1. love's grey here today, too (the weather, that is!)

  2. Hahahaha!
    I never understood all the fuzz about these "novels", just reading the reviews and some excerpts kept me from getting sucked into the frenzy. What horrible writing!

    Thanks for the laugh, and sorry for those of you in bad weather but here in Miami our "mini Winter" is over and it's sunny and warm again. :-(
    I don't like hot weather and humidity...

    Happy Sunday!
    Sylvia S.

  3. May it be sunny forever now, just so we don't see that video again. It may be a 'bad' as the novels.

    1. Hahahaha JTB! So funny. The video is really ridiculous.

      The iPad in the bathtub makes me nervous! I know, such a random detail but I'm such a Virgo who notices these little things.

      Winter is Paris has officially kicked off and we probably won't see the sun until March! To beat the winter blues, I bought a bunch of herbal scented candles to make the apartment smell like a garden. Good thing winters don't last as long as they on the East Coast!

  4. LOL good one

    My Sunday was actually wonderfully sunny (why don't all Parisians move to Barcelona?!) but alas I shall be back to grey & cold Paris tomorrow... Le sigh.



  5. Perfect weather here today Mary Kay...36 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Off to the beach for a swim!! Now, just in case you and readers are feeling a bit jealous, we had a day of 42 degrees here last week...just too hot really.

  6. It is so grey here. Ugh. Hoping for sun soon! I will say though that at least it has not been grey and freezing. Coming back from Florida was easier as it was in the 40s instead of the 30s.

  7. AH!!! I got my knickers all in a twist, for nothing!!!! Although, its relly not a bad way to pass a grey afternoon. If only Mr French wasn't at the office, because its grey again today!!!


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