A Sexy, Sophisticated Soirée at the Chamber, a Private Popup and Cocktail Club in Paris

Photo credit: The Chamber

As an expat who's only passing through Paris, it's always exciting to learn about the projects of other expats who have made the city their home. One that's creating a lot of buzz right now is The Chamber, a private popup and cocktail club created by Forest Collins of 52 Martinis.

The concept is simple yet perfectly executed. Host ultra swank, convivial cocktail experiences in exceptional spots. The membership only club, which will offer cocktail classes, master classes, Bloody Mary brunches, wine tastings and more, aims to create a sense to community amongst its 500 members by offering unique ways to socialize with an array of interesting people. In keeping with the idea of "sexy and sophisticated" guests are encouraged, although not obliged, to wear cocktail appropriate attire.

Last week, I put on my little black dress and attended one of The Chamber's "Focus on France" cocktail popup soirées in a lovely private apartment. While chatting with the other guests, who were a mixture of nationalities and ages, Forest invited us to sample a variety of cocktails. The Champagne Cocktail was simple yet sophisticated, the St-Germain Cocktail made with France's latest liquor darling was refreshing and the signature Citadelle Gin and Tonic was a surprising revelation to someone who doesn't normally drink gin. Also on the menu was the Scofflaw, a cocktail that originated at Harry's Bar in 1924. After a delightful couple of hours socializing and savoring cocktails, Forest passed out red goodie bags as we reluctantly said our goodbyes.

If you would like to join The Chamber community and participate in exclusive membership only events, normal membership rates are 120 euros per calendar year. Benefits include access to regular monthly private popup events; invitation to the year-end chamber anniversary party; access to other organized events, classes, parties and more; samples and goodie bags; discounts on related events and products; and one guest allowance for private popups and the anniversary party.

For additional information, please click here to visit The Chamber's website.

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Thanks to Sylvia of Finding Noon for introducing me to Forest.

Photo credit: The Chamber


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  2. Forget bars, this is the place I want to meet guys!


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