Wondering what to do this weekend? Go see "Sebastian Marx: A New Yorker in Paris" - one man comedy show in English

Aside from the entire male/female thing, Stéphane and I have completely different senses of humor. My Swiss husband grew up watching the giants of French comedy, Louis de Funès and Fernandel, while I came of age laughing at the antics of John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner and the other original cast members of the American television show, Saturday Night Live. Over the years, we've learned to accept the fact that there just aren't that many comedy movies that we want to watch together.

All of this explains why I was truly amazed by how much Stéphane and I both enjoyed "Sebastian Marx: A New Yorker in Paris" when we went to see this one man comedy show a couple of weeks ago. Influenced by Woody Allen, Jerry Seinfeld and Louis CK, Sebastian skillfully warmed up the audience by asking people where they were from and what had brought them to Paris. Surprisingly, considering that the entire show is performed in English, at least half of the audience were locals. It seems that Parisians' recent love affair with New York has spread to comedy and the French are curious to discover what we secretly think of them! With great affection, a refined style and perfectly timed delivery, Sebastian isn't shy about revealing just what it is that outsiders find challenging about living in Paris. Yet, he does it with such charm and an impish grin that the entire audience falls under his spell.

If you're above sixteen years old and don't have any problems climbing up four flights of stairs to the SoGymnase comedy club, I highly recommend Sebastian's show. Combine it with dinner at Le Marie Bell, located on the second floor inside the Théâtre du Gymnase Marie Bell, or one of other nearby restaurants for a perfect Friday or Saturday night out in Paris. Frenchie Wine Bar and Experimental Cocktail Club are good options for drinks after the show.

Sebastian Marx: A New Yorker in Paris
SoGymnase Comedy Club
38 Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle
75010 Paris

Tickets reserved in advance are 10 euros and include a free drink. Insider's tip - the comedy club is located inside the Théâtre du Gymnase Marie Bell. When you're facing the theatre, you'll see some signs on the left side of the building. Follow them to the fourth floor. Have fun!

Reviews of "Sebastian Marx: A New Yorker in Paris" in French on BilletRéduc and in English on 
Trip Advisor.

Stephane's review on Trip Advisor: Sebastien décrit avec beaucoup d'humour ses expériences parisiennes depuis qu'il est venu y habiter, il y a de cela 9 ans. On passe une heure à écouter ses impressions qui, si l'on a passé seulement quelques jours ou quelques années à Paris, nous font d'autant plus rire qu'elles sont partagées. Ses années à Paris lui font aussi porter un regard différent sur sa ville d'origine qu'il ne manque pas non plus de critiquer avec quelques boutades. Un début de soirée donc très amusant avant d'aller manger dans un des nombreux restaurants des environs. Et pas de soucis pour l'Anglais. Sebastien est facile à comprendre même pour nous les francophones.

Follow the signs to the fourth floor for a fun evening in Paris!


  1. When we are in Paris, we do miss the availability of good shows, like in London, as my French is poor and Michaels is non existant.

    Of course we don't expect the Frencg to do shows in English just for us but we really enjoyed "how to be Parisien in an hour" and so it's nice to hear of an English language show.

    Thanks MK. Love Denise


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