Joyful Obsession: Prada Christmas windows at Printemps combine tradition with originality

Children captivated by the playful bears in the Prada Christmas windows at Printemps

When I was a child, Christmas was the most magical time of year. There were festive trees adorned with twinkling lights, carolers singing songs of joy and "The Enchanted Forest" at our local department store. Every year, we made the long trek downtown, stood in line for hours and marveled at the animated displays. The memory of those holiday outings with my family are forever etched in my memory. They haven't faded with time or distance.

If you would like to create some lifelong memories with your children, don't miss the delightful Christmas windows at Printemps. The excitement starts with a glimpse of 150 stars and snowflakes magically illuminating the facade of the luxury department store. The sense of magic intensifies while watching 80 playful bears frolicking in the snow, swinging from strands of lights and dancing to the tunes of Christmas melodies. Both children and adults will be enchanted by the four animated windows, especially the one where adorable Prada bears are seen mountain climbing, skiing and sledding. Wanting to join in the fun, I told Stéphane that we should plan a ski vacation for next year but changed my mind as soon I noticed a darling little bear shivering in the cold!

A massive Christmas table laden with holiday treats, crystal, silverware, porcelain and sequined Prada shoes is the star attraction in one of the windows devoted to fashion. In another, a fashionably dressed mannequin with blue sunglasses sits astride a sports car completely covered with twinkling lights. The unifying theme of the eleven holiday windows are the two-toned checkered tiles that recall Prada's heritage store, the Galleria, which opened in Milan in 1913. Together, Printemps and Prada have created Christmas magic.

Click here to see the the complete photo album of the Christmas windows at Printemps.

Printemps Department Store
64 Blvd. Haussmann
75009 Paris

American actress Gwyneth Paltrow unveiled the Christmas windows at Printemps on November 7, 2013.
Photo credit: Romain Ricard


  1. I loved the display at Printemps but the ones at Galleries were, meh. =) HJ loved them all! It has become a tradition for us to visit at least once. =)

  2. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us in the US!

  3. Beautiful window displays. I will not be seeing them this year, so thank you for sharing with us! I am not a big fan of G. Paltrow... Dommage... I would have preferred seeing a French actress there: Audrey Tautou, Marion Cotillard... I can't imagine what they would have done for that dress... :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. How sweet are the little kids looking up at the windows! Christmas is so magical for them and their enthusiasm really is contagious. My little ones have already gotten me excited!

    I was happy to see Gwyneth Paltrow for the opening. I know, I'm probably the only who who doesn't find her annoying. I just think she looks lovely.

  5. How hysterical!!! I know a grown woman who has the exact same Prada ski suit the teddy bears are wearing!
    And I'm with Ella on Gwyneth!!!

  6. Very nice photos of the windows! Bravo!


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