Ordering Wine in French with the help of Thierry Givone of "Wine Tasting in Paris"

Voulez-vous un verre de vin blanc, rouge ou rosé? (Would you like a glass of white, red or rose wine?)

To make it easier to respond to that question, I asked Thierry Givonne of Wine Tasting in Paris if he would help me make a video with some of the key French words that people may encounter when ordering a glass of wine in Paris. 

Fortunately, he agreed! Here's the result:

Filmed at Le Bistrot du Peintre, a charming Art Nouveau bistrot in the 11th arrondissement. 

I met Thierry, who is originally from Burgundy, a couple of weeks ago when I attended one of his test sessions for a wine tasting class that "Wine Tasting in Paris" will start offering in September. "Introduction to French Wines" will include a sampling of wines from five different regions of France: Champagne, the Loire Valley, Burgundy, Bordeaux and Côtes du Rhône.

Life doesn't get much better than when you're sipping a glass of wine on the terrace of a Parisian café and watching the world go by.


  1. Salut MK, thanks for the very important French lesson! After spending so much time learning and speaking Italian, I should slowly start refreshing my school French :-)
    A bientôt à Paris! Can we please go to Le Bistrot du Peintre together?

    1. We can go wherever you want in Paris, Heidi! I've already started thinking of a couple of places that I think you would like, including an Italian restaurant where you can practice your Italian. See you soon!

  2. A great post! A ta santé....

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Peintre - a REAL bistrot - were never disappointed; often have chats with the servers, which is rare - nice food, terrific, wonderful Art Deco place

    On the downside; we went for a truly brilliant lunch today (not the Peintre) and paid €9.- per glass of 1.2dl for a Bordeau!!!! Spoiled the whole meal for me, sadly - because otherwise things were perfect.

    Sorry for not commenting these days; am always country hopping and have plenty of stuff going on! But we still might meet one of these days... :)

    1. Happy Swiss National Day, Kiki! I wonder if you will be celebrating next to the lake in Switzerland or at your beautiful home in France.

      In between country hopping, I hope that you've had some time to enjoy the summer weather. Your garden must be lovely now. I visited the King's Kitchen Garden in Versailles yesterday and it was so good to smell the soil and see all of the flowers, vegetables and fruit. There's much to be said for living in the country!

      I also continue to hope that we will have the opportunity to meet one day. In the meantime, stay well!

  3. A post after my own heart Mary Kay! I agree...there is not much better than a tipple while watching the world.

    1. My ideal day in Paris would start with a cup of coffee on a terrace and end with a glass of wine on a terrace. Unfortunately, it never happens. Maybe I need to take a "home vacation"!

      I hope all is well in Melbourne. One of the clocks on my laptop is set to Sydney time because my daughter is in Australia at the moment.


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