Minted raspberry lemonade and how to make ice cubes in Paris

Minted raspberry lemonade: my new favorite summertime drink

While there are already lots of Minted Raspberry Lemonade recipes in existence, I would like to share a super easy one that I created after spotting "Mon jus de citron" ("my lemon juice"), a new product at Picard. It's the perfect summertime drink.

Ingredients for one glass:

Raspberry Syrup (Sirop de Framboise) to taste
1-2 cubes 100% frozen lemon juice ("Mon jus de citron" from the sauce section of Picard)*
Lemon slice 
Fresh mint leaves
A couple of raspberries, fresh or frozen

Put raspberry syrup, frozen lemon juice cubes and bruised mint leaves (roll the leaves between your fingers to bruise them) in a glass. Fill the glass with cold Perrier. Garnish with a lemon slice and raspberries. You can add ice cubes if you would like but the frozen lemon juice does a wonderful job chilling the drink.

*If you don't have access to a Picard, squeeze fresh lemons and freeze the juice in cubes. Add the desired number of cubes to your drink.


How to make ice cubes in Paris (No, I'm not kidding!)

For Americans, the question of how to make ice in a country where most refrigerators don't come equipped with integrated ice makers is a serious one. In fact, it's often the first question that visitors ask during the summer months when they can't locate the ice cubes in my freezer. But the reason that they can't find them is because they're mysteriously wrapped in plastic.

If you would like to make ice in Paris, buy some "sachets glaçons" ("ice bags") from your local grocery store. They're located near the plastic wrap in my neighborhood Carrefour. Pull a bag out of the box, find the end with the funnel and fill the bag with water. Unless you want oddly shaped cubes, place the bag in a flat spot in the freezer. Wait a couple of hours. And, voilà - you've got ice!


  1. Delicious.. I am amazed that Americans do not know about the Ice cube bags , we have been using them for years and years they are brilliant for space saving. I do not have a fridge with an Ice maker :-)

  2. ha! I never knew about the ice bags either. Of course, I don't think of ice, or much ice, in drinks in Europe, but good to know. And you as an American, don't you have ice trays?


  3. oh, and here in the US, Perrier has introduced new 8 ounce cans of bubbly water. I see them everywhere, including my refrigerator. It's the perfect size.


  4. What would we do without Picard??? It's almost all I use anymore for meat to fruit.

  5. Following you from afar (and sometimes from near...) - such a fun post. I do this sort of summer drink for years and years, 'punching' them up any way I like and as per content of the fridge.
    The ice cube problem is just what we Europeans are always having -bags with cushions full of water and then (sometimes oddly) shaped glaçons... :) Nothing mysterious about it - but obviously a biggie with the Americans. I even was sometimes annoyed when I asked for a drink and had literally only crushed ice and nothing else! And that was in the 70th.... Different countries, different societies and different life styles.
    Interesting though!
    Have a cool summer - I'm dog tired from watering my garden (well over one hour!)
    bisous, Kiki

  6. I remember you showing me the ice bags in your kitchen. I am going to try this first thing when I arrive and go food shopping. Sounds delicious. And Perrier in cans. What a great find!
    - Carolyn

  7. This made me laugh!
    But the raspberry lemonade looks delicious and easy to make, I'll give it a try this weekend :)

  8. Ice cube bags!! What ever happened to ice cube trays Mary Kay? I am feeling very old fashioned...Mmmm, an Old Fashioned. What a good idea, it is evening here after all! Chin chin!

  9. I'm also old fashioned, but do You remember the ice cube trays when they get older .... igitt. I love the cube bags. Wonderful summerdays for all of us - S

  10. No way!! I haven't seen the ice cube bags! Totally looking the next time I head to the supermarket!! That's pretty awesome!


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