New Books: "Dining Out in Paris" and "Naughty Paris: A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City"

Tom Reeves of "Paris Insights" presenting his new book,
"Dining Out in Paris: What You Need to Know before You Get to the City of Light"

Have you ever wondered about the differences between a brasserie, bistrot, café and restaurant? Has it ever struck you as odd that a highly recommended Parisian eatery is devoid of diners at 7:00 pm? If so, be sure to take a look at Tom Reeve's Dining Out in Paris: What You Need to Know before You Get to the City of Light.

At the launch party for his new e-book last week, Reeves explained that he wanted to provide first-time and return travelers to Paris with the sort of information that he and his wife Monique wished they would have had when they first arrived in France.

Thierry Poincin of En Vrac 

In addition to demystifying French dining culture, Dining Out in Paris includes reviews for twelve of the author's favorite restaurants, as well as interviews with the owners. The launch party was held at En Vrac (2, rue L’Olive, 75018 Paris; tel.:, a wine bar selling a selection of natural wines in bottle or in bulk. Thierry Poincin, a wine shop owner for 20 years, explained that buying wine in bulk is simple. Customers fill their own bottle with the wine of their choice, or they can pay a small deposit for a cool "En Vrac" French lemonade bottle. The sulfite free wines are ecological, economical and enjoyable to drink. En Vrac also serves cheese and charcuterie platters.

Purchasing wine in bulk has become so popular that Poincin opened a new location at 69 rue Maubeuge in the 10th arrondissement this week.

Naughty Paris: A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City

If you're one of the women who eagerly awaits the arrival of Heather Stimmler-Hall's bi-monthly newsletter "Secrets of Paris", you'll be delighted to know that the second edition of her award-winning travel guide, Naughty Paris: A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City is available for a limited time.

In a video shot in her local café, Stimmler-Hall asks readers to show their support by making a token pledge to her Kickstarter campaign prior to July 8. The cost? Less than a "(crappy) cup of coffee". The official campaign goal of $20,000 is to raise funds for the printing of her guide.

According to the description of Naughty Paris on Kickstarter, the revised, improved and expanded second edition with 352 pages and 295 photos includes:

  • How Parisian women embrace pleasure and beauty in their everyday lives
  • How to flirt like a local and decode French pick-up lines
  • Intimate hotels and packing tips to set the scene for seduction
  • The best Parisian fashion boutiques, beauty salons, and perfume shops
  • Lessons in pole dance, striptease, pastry-making, or finding your personal style
  • Erotic museums, art galleries, and book shops to get you in the mood
  • Female-owned boutiques specializing in naughty toys, lingerie and fetishwear
  • Drinking, dining, and afternoon tea recommendations for couples or solo ladies
  • The best clubs and cocktail bars for mingling with the locals
  • Kinky cabarets, burlesque shows, and masked costume balls
  • An introductory peek into swingers’ clubs, fetish parties and couples-only parties
  • Useful vocabulary and detailed resources for finding more information 

Naughty Paris: A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City