KIA Cabana - A Brazilian paradise with a fabulous view of the Eiffel Tower

KIA Cabana in Paris until July 13, 2014

Something odd is happening in Paris. The metro and cafés are full of people with unusual blue, white and red marks on their faces. Cries of joy, occasionally punctuated by screams of despair, emanate from the open windows of apartment buildings. People with French tricolor flags draped around their necks shout Allez les Bleus at the top of their lungs. The diagnosis is clear. Parisians have World Cup fever.

One of the hippest places to watch the soccer games is KIA Cabana, a Brazilian oasis moored near the Pont Alexandre III. Last Sunday, Donna and I finagled our way onto the "reservation only" barge, kicked off our shoes and wiggled our feet in the sand. Who needs to travel to Rio de Janeiro when you can sip a fresh fruit juice or cocktail while relaxing on a Brazilian beach in Paris?

Even though KIA Cabana is already fully reserved for all of the soccer matches, it's still possible to enjoy the stunning riverside views of the Eiffel Tower during off-peak hours. Simply click on "Visitez KIA Cabana" and complete the online reservation form for your preferred date/time. Entrance is free.

Starting on Monday, June 30, soccer fans can watch live-streaming of the World Cup games on a giant screen in of the Hôtel de Ville. Allez les Bleus!

Click here to view more photos of KIA Cabana.

KIA Cabana in Paris until July 13, 2014


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