Thursday, July 24, 2014

Embrace Paris: The Women

#EmbraceParis: Our itinerary

For the past four days and three nights, I've had the most incredible time bonding with an international group of nine talented, warm, funny and vivacious women. The occasion? #EmbraceParis, a social media gathering at the beautiful Parisian palace, Le Meurice.

Together, we deboned fish, whizzed around the streets of Paris in electric cars, visited an atelier where luxury handbags are hand-stitched, lunched in a castle, learned how to apply make-up, snapped photos of the most magical views of Paris, ate breakfast in bed, stretched our bodies and expanded our minds. But, most importantly, we forged a network of women determined to empower each other through positive peer support on social media.

I'll be sharing lots of information about the activities and sponsors in future posts, but first of all I would like to introduce you to the ladies of #EmbraceParis - 2014.

#EmbraceParis -- Empower * Brainstorm * Collaborate * Engage * Social Media

Carina Okula (host) - extremely talented Australian photographer who resides in Paris

Norma Thiessen (host from Toronto) - personal guide for your fun and stylish Parisian adventure

Lisa Ferguson (Toronto) - Strengths Trainer determined to help people maximize their potential

Lynne Knowlton (Toronto) - designer, DIY’er, lifestyle blogger and wordpress wrangler

Jennifer Brouwer (Toronto) - residential/commercial designer and developer

Ann Garvin (Wisconsin) - author of The Dog Year and university professor

Brooke Crowle (Sydney) - retailer of antiques, homewares and French vintage

Andrea Claire (Singapore) - celebrity hair and makeup artist

Claudia Strasser (Miami) - author of The Paris Apartment. Claudia also takes small groups to Paris for shopping.

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  1. Thank you Mary Kay!

    It was a pleasure embracing Paris with you!