Happy Mother's Day!

For those celebrating today, Happy Mother's Day! (France's Fêtes des mères is on May 31 this year.)

While I was in the USA last week, I found some old photographs taken during my mother's and my only trip together to Paris. The year was 1984, and it was her first time traveling abroad. The fading images show us standing in front of Versailles and walking through the Tuileries Garden. In one picture, my mother is wearing a silk shirt and trousers. I'm dressed in a blue and black dress. We're gazing intently at the Eiffel Tower, each of us lost in our thoughts. Try as I might, I can't remember what we talked about. I wish that I could.


  1. Thanks, Bridget -- or should I say "Dr. Wall"? Congratulations again on your Ph.D.! What a special weekend for your mom and you to celebrate. She must be very, very proud of you.

  2. Yes! Thanks again for your kind notes! :) It was fun to celebrate with her, we even have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches up in the Penthouse for brunch! (with Jacob we can't have peanuts in the house, so it's actually quite special to have peanut butter sandwiches!)


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