Merry Christmas! I'll be back soon...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I'll be "Out and About" exploring the island of Sicily until January 5. Please join me on Facebook for photo updates on our Italian vacation!

If you're in Paris, be sure to check out the giant snow globe with 120 trees under the Eiffel Tower and the ice skating rinks at the Grand Palais and the Hotel de Ville.

Giant snow globe with 120 trees at the Eiffel Tower.
Ice skating at the Grand Palais.
Ice skating rink at the  Hôtel de Ville


  1. We toured Sicily this past February-March - what an interesting island - so much to see so much to eat so many nice people. Be sure to have a granite tutto l'anno at Bambar in Taormina - or have several of different flavors!

  2. We're headed there for 2 weeks at Easter!! I just started following you on facebook and saw your first post in Palermo. Delicious breakfast!!

  3. And be sure to go to Villa Romana Del Casale - a roman spa from long ago that was covered in a mud slide and only rediscovered in the 1970's - fantastic mosaics!


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