Burberry's "A Magical Christmas Journey" at Printemps - Holiday Decorations in Paris

Burberry's Magical Christmas Journey at Printemps Department Store in Paris

With A Magical Christmas Journey, Burberry's holiday windows at Printemps department store tell the tale of a little boy and his teddy bear's windblown journey from the Burberry flagship store in London all the way to Printemps in Paris.

Burberry's Magical Christmas Journey at Printemps Department Store in Paris

In an innovative move, the holiday window displays are designed to be interactive. Curious to try this new bit of technology, I used my iPhone to connect to "_Voyage _Magique", the free WIFI network that's accessible when you're in close proximity to the Printemps department store on boulevard Haussmann. I guess I'm old-fashioned, but the ability to change the weather as the little boy journeys over the Channel, move giant umbrellas and create digital postcards with my smartphone proved to be an unnecessary distraction from the festive scenes in the windows. As I watched a group of children mesmerized by the electric choo-choo train whizzing around a track, I was reminded that it's often the simple pleasures that we treasure the most ... especially at Christmastime.

For more holiday enchantment, don't miss the pop-up Burberry store in the basement of Printemps and the animated storefront displays. Click here to see more photos on Facebook.

Decorated for the holidays - Printemps department store in Paris