Chocolate Fashion Show at the 20th Annual Salon du Chocolat in Paris!

French television presenter Sandra Lou wearing a chocolate dress created by designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and chocolatier Joël Patouillard escorted by two fellow models. 

French fashion doesn't get much sweeter than the fabulous creations seen gracing the runway during the 20th annual Salon du Chocolat in Paris last week. The inaugural gala featured a retrospective collection of 60 mouth-watering designs worn by French television stars, singers, athletes and models.

I spotted quite a few of my favorite gowns from previous years: a mythological looking garment with diaphanous wings, a dress with four white doves enclosed in a delicate chocolatey flounce at the back and a Hindu goddess style costume with an ornate headdress.

Crowd favorites included French actress Marie-Sophie L. in a nude bodysuit wrestling with the temptations of a chocolate serpent and male model carrying a massive crocodile made out of chocolate. When I posted the photo on Facebook, Donna Kerridge's comment, "Wow, what's not to like... cute guy, half undressed and carrying 10 kilos of chocolate..." perfectly expressed the sentiments of all the women in the audience.

Crazy Horse cabaret dancers clad only in chocolate created a stir during the grand finale of the show’s inaugural anniversary evening. Thanks to the joint talents of the cabaret’s costume department and star master chocolatier Patrice Chapon, the famous troupe performed a chocolaty version of its emblematic number “God Save Our Bareskin” which has opened all Crazy Horse’s performances since 1989.

More photos on Facebook: Chocolate Fashion Show (Part 1) and Chocolate Fashion Show (Part 2)

20th Salon du Chocolat Fashion Show - Crazy Horse cabaret dancers perform in creations by chocolatier Patrice Chapon.


  1. Having read your post about the Salon du Chocolat last year, I expected at least a couple of costumes at the local chocolate fair in the Loire Valley at château de Villesavin - but I guess we can't expect quite the same in the provinces ...

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