Cheers! Here's to Grégory Hazac's cocktail class at the Four Seasons Hotel George V

Ready to shake and stir at Grégory Hazac's Cocktail Class. Four Seasons Hotel George V

The Four Seasons Hotel George V is shaking up something special for its guests, a cocktail class animated by head barman Grégory Hazac. The recipe is simple. Take a Friday evening in Paris, add a talented mixologist with a big twist of charisma and fill the shaker with a group of enthusiastic cocktail aficionados. The result is a convivial way to start the weekend.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to join the group and discover some of Grégory's secrets. With a charming twinkle in his eye, the 31 year old "Artisan Barman" said that we would start with "Go Green", Le Bar's refreshing non-alcoholic best-seller. Muddling the fragrant basil leaves, Thai lemon grass and lime juice wasn't a problem, especially since all of the ingredients were conveniently within arm's reach. Manipulating the jigger with finesse was a different story. Grégory's movements were fluid and precise. Mine were hesitant and awkward. Nonetheless, I managed to redeem myself by garnishing the drink with a sprig of mint leaves and roses petals like a pro. It was only later in the evening that I noticed I had completely forgotten a key ingredient -- the sliced cucumbers!

Here's a video of Grégory in action!

During the next hour, Grégory showed us how to correctly hold a shaker, determine the exact moment to pour a drink so it isn't watered down and artistically decorate our cocktails. Popularized by Sex in the City's Carrie Bradshaw, the perfectly balanced Cosmo was my favorite. The Negroni, flavored with an assortment of bitters, appealed to all of the men.

It's another Friday night in Paris - time for me to put into practice what I learned last week. But, on second thought, maybe I'll just go to the Le Bar at the George V. After all, Grégory's the real expert!

This cocktail course is graciously offered to guests staying at the hotel dining at Le Cinq or the Bars. The next dates are November 7 and December 5. To reserve this Four Seasons George V experience, please contact the concierge at 01 49 52 71 07.

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My Negroni, Go Green and Cosmopolitan: the three drinks Grégory taught us to make at the Four Seasons George V.
Grégory making a Go Green, the best-selling cocktail at the George V.
The mixology classroom was located in one of the George V's elegant salons.


  1. Very cool experience for you.

    I love the copper jiggers. And I love a Negroni. Yum, it's a little too early to have one now, but later....



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